Academic & Behavior Support


Poplar Grove Middle School strives to provide high quality instruction in each of our classrooms.  We understand that sometimes students may require additional support to feel successful at mastering grade level standards.  If your child is experiencing difficulty with academic content, study skills, or balancing the demands of middle school, please reach out to our staff by clicking on the HELP button to complete the form.


You may also contact your child’s teacher directly through Skyward, or reach out to our front office to get in touch with the appropriate school personnel.  


For behavior, Poplar Grove Middle School uses a framework known as Response to Instruction and Intervention for Behavior (RTI2-B). Our RTI2-B plan is now in its seventh year.  We also refer to this plan as our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support). 

The purpose of PGMS’s RTI2-B plan is to improve our school culture and climate. Our goal is to acknowledge students for following our three behavioral expectations as follows: PGMS Expectations: (1) Be Responsible, (2) Be Respectful, (3) Show Pride.  Students are taught school-wide expectations, practice them daily, and are rewarded for following these expectations through the use of PBIS Tickets when they engage in the expected behaviors.   

In addition to the support Tier I offers, some students may benefit from small group interventions (Tier II) or more intensive, individual supports (Tier III).  Some of our students participate in small groups or a program called Check-In/Check-Out as additional support. 

If you would like to request assistance for additional support with social, emotional, or behavior needs, please click on the HELP button to complete the form:



The Academic & Behavior Support Team
Dr. Treadway, Principal
Dr. Orman, Assistant Principal
Ms. Berger, School Psychologist
Ms. Phy, Instructional Coach
Mr. Welch, Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Iturri, Student Support Facilitator
Mrs. Sledd, Math Interventionist