Mission & Guiding Principles

It is the mission of the school counseling program at Poplar Grove to work collaboratively with faculty/staff, students, families, and community members to help meet the academic, personal/social, and career preparation needs of ALL students.

The following principles of the Tennessee Comprehensive School Counseling Program* guide the curriculum, mission, activities, and overall focus of the Poplar Grove school counseling program.

Guiding Principles
1. All students can achieve.
2. All students have dignity and worth.
3. All students need, deserve, and must be provided a quality education.
4. All students need, deserve, and must be provided the support and guidance of
caring, knowledgeable and skilled adults throughout their educational experience
in order to ensure success.
5. Quality comprehensive school counseling programs are vital to the overall
success of all students, schools, and communities.

If you have any concerns about your child’s academic, behavioral, or social-emotional development, please contact me by email, phone, or schedule and office appointment.

Keith Welch
Poplar Grove Middle
School Counselor

The guidance department at Poplar Grove strives to work with students, parents, teachers, administration and other community members to increase awareness of bullying and be proactive in reducing its occurrence.  Our mission is to make school a place where every student feels safe and valued.  Classroom discussion, modeling appropriate behavior and classroom materials are used as part of the guidance department’s efforts to help students be aware of the importance of treating people with respect and kindness. The emphasis is for all students to develop the social and emotional skills that will give them greater success in their peer relationships, their academic performance, and in their adult lives.

Career and technical education give students the opportunity to explore and focus on the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to obtain a successful career. At the middle school level, we encourage students to identify their interests and skills and begin exploring possible career options. The Counseling Office provides career exploration through classroom guidance, assessment, and individual planning.

Our 8th-grade students will be taking Snapshot by YouScience this year.  This is a career guidance tool that will match your child’s natural abilities with their passions.  This program is meant to expose students to a range of career opportunities that fit their skills and to get students thinking about their future.  We believe YouScience is a great way for students to learn more about themselves, explore high-demand careers that a good fit for them, and gain a better understanding of how their unique talents are needed in the economy.

Click the links below to learn more about YouScience and what it means for your student.

Information on the revised School Counselor Model & Standards Policy can be found at:

This comprehensive framework and standards help govern the day-to-day activities of all professional school counselors working with students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

It is our hope that by following the State of Tennessee standards, all students will be academically prepared, well-adjusted members of society, lifelong learners, and productive citizens.

The Franklin Special School District partners with the Jason Foundation to educate 7th and 8th-grade students about suicide prevention.  Information about the Jason Foundation can be found at

Additional state resources related to suicide prevention can be found at