Anderson, Sherrie  –  7th Grade Math

Araujo, Luz – Cafeteria

Armstrong, Crystal – School Psychologist

Ayers, Jean  –  Seventh Grade Science

Beadles, Tom – Paraprofessional

Blackburn, Travis (Codey) – Cafeteria

Blackwell, Emily – Paraprofessional

Brennan, Becky  –  Physical Education

Brown, Mary Ellis – Special Education

Campbell, Gail – Cafeteria

Clark, Trisha – Occupational Therapist

Clarkson, Rhonda – Receptionist

Clavijo, Ayda (Lucy) –  Cafeteria

Cochran, Julie  –  Fifth Grade Math and Science

Coe, Amelia – Family Liaison and Translator

Coffee, Peggy  –  Cafeteria

Conrad, Mac  –  Seventh Grade Social Studies

Cowan, Liz  –  Nurse

Davis, Deedie – Paraprofessional

Dean, Vicki – Library Media Center Assistant

Duel, Julie – Bookkeeper

Ellison, Eric  –  Eighth Grade Social Studies

Evans, Stephanie – Paraprofessional

Fleming, Sarah  –  Sixth Grade Special Education

Foster, Alison – Paraprofessional

Furlong, Michelle – Paraprofessional

Getz, Josephine – Paraprofessional

Grayson, Irma – Cafeteria

Grigsby, Vandel – In School Suspension

Halvorson, Millie – Physical Therapist

Hartman, Claudia – Fifth Grade Social Studies and Math

Haynes, Lacey – Cafeteria

Haynes, Martha  –  Eighth Grade Math

Herrero, Andrea – Paraprofessional

Henry, Renny  –  FSSD Behavioral Specialist

Hollis, MacKenzie – Sixth Grade Language Arts

Holz, Kaci  –  Library Media Specialist

Iturri, Tonya  –  Interventionist

Jeffords, Marti  –  Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Kelly, Amy Garrigan  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Kelly, Brian  –  Physical Education

Kennedy, Angela – PGS MAC Director

Konopka, Nancy  –  Attendance Secretary

Krengel Oakes, Kirstin  –  English Language Learners

Lavery, Laura – Spanish

Layton, Melissa  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Linder, Gilda  –  Math Coach

Lowry, Lauren – Art

Matthews, Harvey – Custodian

Meggs, Valerie  –  Technology

Meyers, Nicole – Cafeteria

Miller, Sheila  –  Sixth Grade Social Studies

Morgan, Lorie – Cafeteria Manager

Nash, Genny  –  Special Education

Onusaitis, Lisa – Seventh Grade Language Arts

Orman, J.P.  –  Assistant Principal

Pearson, Cara – Eighth Grade Language Arts

Perez, Daniel  –  Custodian

Phy, Emily  –  Fifth Grade Language Arts and Science

Reimer, Drew  –  Eighth Grade Science

Rybiski, Michael  –  Orchestra

Saltz, Mark – French

Schenk, Molly – Occupational Therapist

Shuler, Debbie  –  STEM

Sledd, Hillary –  Seventh/Eighth Grade Special Education

Smithson, Kimberly – Sixth Grade Science

Sparkman, Greta – Paraprofessional

Stephens, Lindsee – English Language Learners

Stevens, Haley – Paraprofessional

Strelecki, Chris  –  Chorus

Stricklin, Hunter  –  Band

Tjornehoj, Barb  –  Fifth Grade Special Education

Treadway, Christopher – Principal

Venegas, Maria  –  Custodian

Webb, Chandra  –  Reading Coach

Welch, Keith  –  Guidance

Wheeler, Phil – School Resource Officer

Williams, Kimberly – Accelerated Learning Specialist

Womack, Mala – Sixth Grade Math

Woodruff, Sandra – Paraprofessional

York, Jennifer – Special Education

Upcoming Events

6:00 pm High School Career and Technical... @ Freedom Middle
High School Career and Technical... @ Freedom Middle
Feb 3 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Speakers from Williamson County Schools will be on hand to explain the Career and Technical Education options available to rising 9th grade students in both Freedom Middle and Poplar Grove Middle schools. Parents and students… Continue Reading FACULTY
6:30 pm School Board Mtg @ Poplar Grove Middle
School Board Mtg @ Poplar Grove Middle
Feb 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
School Board meeting begins at 6:30 PM with a public input session at beginning of meeting.