Faculty/Staff Directory

Alford, Jorri Alyse - Paraprofessional

Anderson, Sherrie  -  7th Grade Math

Ayers, Jean  -  Seventh Grade Science

Barnes, Jane - Technology

Blackburn, Travis (Codey) - Cafeteria

Blackwell, Emily - Paraprofessional

Blonder, Megan - Psychologist

Boyd, Laura - Spanish

Brennan, Becky  -  Physical Education

Brown, Mary Ellis - Special Education

Campbell, Gail - Cafeteria

Clark, Trisha - Occupational Therapist

Clarkson, Rhonda - Receptionist

Clavijo, Ayda (Lucy) -  Cafeteria

Cochran, Julie  -  Fifth Grade Math and Science

Coe, Amelia - Family Liaison and Translator

Coffee, Peggy  -  Cafeteria

Conrad, Mac  -  Seventh Grade Social Studies

Cowan, Liz  -  Nurse

Davis, Deedie - Paraprofessional

Dean, Vicki - Library Media Center Assistant

Diaz, Yarymary - Cafeteria

Dobbs, Raechel - Fifth Grade Social Studies and Math

Duel, Julie - Bookkeeper

Ellison, Eric  -  Eighth Grade Social Studies

Fleming, Sarah  -  Special Education

Foster, Alison - Paraprofessional

Furlong, Michelle - Paraprofessional

Getz, Josephine - Paraprofessional

Grayson, Irma - Cafeteria

Halvorson, Millie - Physical Therapist

Haynes, Martha  -  Eighth Grade Math

Herrero, Andrea - Paraprofessional

Henry, Renny  -  FSSD Behavioral Specialist

Holz, Kaci  -  Library Media Specialist

Iturri, Tonya  -  Interventionist and Student Support Facilitator

Jansen, Shelly - 6th Grade Language Arts

Jeffords, Marti  -  Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Kelly, Amy Garrigan  -  Speech/Language Pathologist