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LIBRARY HOURS: •Monday – Friday 7:00-2:40 CHECKOUT POLICIES: •3 print books for 2 weeks •1 eBook for 30 days •Renew books at the circulation desk •Overdue fines = 5¢ daily •Students must pay for lost or damaged books so the books can be replaced •Students with a lost/damaged book may only have 1 book checked out RULES: •Respect the rights of others to have a quiet place to work •Speak quietly •Walk and do not use the library media center as a shortcut to hallways •Take care of the furniture (Do not rock in chairs, Do not write on tables, etc.) •No gum, food, or drinks (Bottled water with a top is permitted.  It must be set on the floor.) CONTACT INFO: •Library Media Specialist – Kaci Holz – •Library Assistant – Vicki Dean –

Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Cover of The Crossover by Kwame AlexanderCrossover is about twin brothers Josh and Jordan.  Their skills on the basketball court come partly from natural talent and partly from their dad, a former pro basketball player.  Josh and Jordan are best friends until friendly competetion suddenly turns too serious.  The brothers struggle to figure out who they want to be, together and apart.  Will a tragic event in their lives help the brothers find their way back to each other?  Read Crossover to find out.  Reviewed by Mrs. Holz



Kaci Holz Library Media Specialist Hours:  7:00 AM – 2:40 PM

Book Dedications

Would you like to honor someone (teacher, student, loved one) by donating a book to the PGMS Library Media Center in his/her name?  This is a great way to commemorate your graduating 8th grader’s years at PGS, or celebrate a teacher or child’s birthday, or remember a lost loved one.  Your child can come to the library and choose from one of next year’s VSBA nominated-books.  An honor plate will be placed in the front of the book so that PGMS students will remember your honoree for years to come!

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