Anderson, Sherrie  –  7th Grade Math

Araujo, Luz – Cafeteria

Armstrong, Crystal – School Psychologist

Ayers, Jean  –  Seventh Grade Science

Beadles, Tom – Paraprofessional

Black, Robin – Paraprofessional

Blackburn, Travis (Codey) – Cafeteria

Bradshaw, Sean  –  School Resource Officer

Brennan, Becky  –  Physical Education

Bright, Pricilla – Paraprofessional

Campbell, Gail – Cafeteria

Carey, James – Paraprofessional

Clark, Trisha – Occupational Therapist

Clarkson, Rhonda – Receptionist

Clavijo, Ayda (Lucy) –  Cafeteria

Cochran, Julie  –  Fifth Grade Math and Science

Coe, Amelia – Family Liaison and Translator

Coffee, Peggy  –  Cafeteria

Conrad, Mac  –  Seventh Grade Social Studies

Cowan, Liz  –  Nurse

Davis, Heather  –  Accelerated Learning Specialist

Dean, Vicki – Library Media Center Assistant

Ellison, Eric  –  Eighth Grade Social Studies

Evans, Stephanie – Paraprofessional

Fleming, Sarah  –  Sixth Grade Special Education

Foster, Alison – Paraprofessional

Furlong, Michelle – Paraprofessional

Getz, Josephine – Paraprofessional

Grayson, Irma – Cafeteria

Grigsby, Vandel – In School Suspension

Halvorson, Millie – Physical Therapist

Hartman, Claudia – Fifth Grade Social Studies and Math

Hayes, Kelvin – Custodian

Haynes, Lacey – Cafeteria

Haynes, Martha  –  Eighth Grade Math

Herrero, Andrea – Paraprofessional

Henry, Renny  –  FSSD Behavioral Specialist

Hollis, MacKenzie – Sixth Grade Language Arts

Holz, Kaci  –  Library Media Specialist

Iturri, Tonya  –  Interventionist

Jeffords, Marti  –  Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Kelly, Amy Garrigan  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Kelly, Brian  –  Physical Education

Kennedy, Angela – PGS MAC Director

Konopka, Nancy  –  Attendance Secretary

Krengel Oakes, Kirstin  –  English Language Learners

Lavery, Laura – Spanish

Layton, Melissa  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Linder, Gilda  –  Math Coach

Lowry, Lauren – Art

Matthews, Harvey – Custodian

Meggs, Valerie  –  Technology

Meyers, Nicole – Cafeteria

Miller, Sheila  –  Sixth Grade Social Studies

Morgan, Lorie – Cafeteria Manager

Nash, Genny  –  Special Education

Onusaitis, Lisa – Seventh Grade Language Arts

Orman, J.P.  –  Assistant Principal

Pearson, Cara – Eighth Grade Language Arts

Perez, Daniel  –  Custodian

Phy, Emily  –  Fifth Grade Language Arts and Science

Reimer, Drew  –  Eighth Grade Science

Robbins, Sydney – Paraprofessional

Rolston, Michelle – English Language Learners

Rybiski, Michael  –  Orchestra

Sathe, Leena  –  Bookkeeper

Schenk, Molly – Occupational Therapist

Scollon, Anastasia – French

Shuler, Debbie  –  STEM

Sledd, Hillary –  Seventh/Eighth Grade Special Education

Smithson, Kimberly – Sixth Grade Science

Sparkman, Greta – Paraprofessional

Strelecki, Chris  –  Chorus

Stricklin, Hunter  –  Band

Tjornehoj, Barb  –  Fifth Grade Special Education

Treadway, Christopher – Principal

Venegas, Maria  –  Custodian

Webb, Chandra  –  Reading Coach

Welch, Keith  –  Guidance

Womack, Mala – Sixth Grade Math

Woodruff, Sandra – Paraprofessional

York, Jennifer – Special Education

Upcoming Events

6:00 pm Cheer Clinic @ PGES
Cheer Clinic @ PGES
Aug 24 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
You’re invited! Cheerleading Clinic With the nationally ranked Poplar Grove Competition Cheerleaders   The Poplar Grove Cheerleading Clinic is being offered for grades K-5. It will teach proper cheerleading techniques and skills, including: jumps, stunts… Continue Reading FACULTY